How you can find the best beaches in San Diego seashells.

If you are going to be traveling to San Diego, California anytime soon, and you are going to the beach, one of the things that many people like to look for are seashells. You will see children running up and down the beach, digging holes in the sand, hoping to find seashells that may not be visible. However, there are some beaches where they are simply laying on top of the beach, washed in by the rolling waves. These are the ones that you will probably want to frequent, or at least visit once if you are going to be traveling through the area.

Best San Diego Beaches

When you do a quick search for the best beaches in San Diego, you will usually come up with the same beaches every time. There’s actually 70 miles of coastline, and although this area of California is known for the San Diego zoo, and world-class hotels and malls, it is also known for places to get seashells. Some of the top beaches that you will find include Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, and La Jolla Shores. Others include Pacific Beach, Silver Strand, Ocean Beach and Solana Beach to name a few. Although these beaches are exceptional, especially in regard to how beautiful they are, they may not necessarily have seashells that are easy to find. There are just certain areas where seashells are more abundant due to the creatures in the water that shed them, allowing them to be washed up on the shores for people to find.

Which Ones Have The Best Seashells?

As a general rule, the further that you travel south in San Diego, the better luck you are going to have. Many people will actually recommend that you go to what they referred to as the southern beaches. These will include Imperial Beach and Silver Strand, with the latter beach being the one that most people will recommend for seashells. They are easy to get, and almost always intact. You will be able to collect quite a few good specimens. The other place to go is Coronado Island. The main reason is that there will likely be more seashells on the beaches that are there because people are going to check out the island, which means there will be a multitude of seashells waiting for you on the shores.

This brief overview of how to find the best beaches in San Diego for seashells should lead you to at least a couple of them that will have what you need. Whether you are looking for large or small ones, primarily laying on top of the sand, these are the best places to go to find them. This can make your trip to San Diego just a little better, allowing you to take on excellent seashells that can be a souvenir for your trip to this absolutely fantastic region of Southern California.