You currently reside in the Gaslamp district of San Diego? If you do, and you are looking for some of the best bars that you can go to, there are many to choose from. It just depends on the size of the bar that you want to go to, the type of drinks, and the type of entertainment in San Diego that you are looking for. The following information will give you a basic overview of the best bars in San Diego Gaslamp district that you may actually enjoy.

What To Look For With A San Diego Bar or Pub?

When people hear the word bar, they are often thinking about a typical bar, one where there are people drinking and people getting rowdy. Although this can happen, there are certain bars in the San Diego area where this is not going to be the atmosphere. San Diego is known for high end dining locations, and the same is true for the bars.

The following three choices are at the top of the list for many people that want to enjoy Gaslamp district bars.


This is one of the best locations in San Diego, complete with private rooms that will actually see 20 people. It is the perfect place for birthday parties, and also fantasy football drafts. They have excellent small plates of incredible food, as well as desserts, plus an excellent bar that you will definitely love. They are open seven days a week starting around 11:30 AM, and closing at 10:30 PM every night. The reviews are quite positive, and if you are in Rancho Santa Fe, it’s likely just a few minutes drive from where you are.

Westy’s Bar And Grill

This is a bar and grill where you can get some of the best mixed drinks, as well as excellent food seven days a week. They have a happy hour that is also on all seven days, and many people will say that it has an east coast feel. They play different types of music including rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and other types of music. There are pool tables, and excellent drinks that will definitely have you coming back for more, located directly in San Diego.


Finally, there is a place called Neighborhood. It has well over 1000 positive reviews. It is located in the East Village, right in the middle of San Diego. Not only is this known as a bar, but it’s also a fantastic place to get burgers. They’ve got TVs, and excellent drinks that will have you coming back to enjoy them inside or on their outdoor patio.

If you have been looking for a bar to go to in the San Diego area, specifically in the Gaslamp district, these are three of the more popular locations. It simply a short drive for those that are in the area to get to these locations. If you are driving through San Diego, you should have the stop by one of these places to experience the fine food and drinks that they offer. These are classic bars with their own unique take, places that you will always remember and want to return to from that point forward.